The Racist History of White Feminism

Taylor Swift is racist. That's why I hate her.

Racist white privileged women like Taylor Swift want us to believe that we are all united against the “patriarchy”.

They just “forget” that the patriarchy is 99% white.

White women routinely got black men lynched with false cries of rape.

White women were in the KKK, in fact they had their own branch of the KKK called WKKK (Women’s Ku Kux Klan).

White women fought for their right to vote by highlighting how the idea that black men could vote before them was an abomination and a crime against white civilization.

White feminism and white supremacy have many overlaps.

To paraphrase Maya Angelou, they kill our babies not because we are women but because we are black.

White women are a cancer that must be removed for feminism to truly mean something.


5 thoughts on “The Racist History of White Feminism

  1. White women are just as bigoted if not more so than their male counterparts.

    They aren’t our allies and if you heard the things white bread women say when not around people of color you would be shocked.

    The only true way to overcome racism from white women is to not have contact with them. You must kick them out of your social groups and treat them like the racist bigots they are.


  2. Many believe that removing the patriarchy will mean the automatic emancipation of Women, People of Color and other oppressed minorities.

    It won’t.

    The patriarchy is only one manifestation of the white supremacist culture in which we live.

    Women of Color will never be FREE as long as we live in the very same white supremacist culture that created the patriarchy.


  3. Racists like Taylor Swift are fuckers without lives so they keep preying on those without a voice!!!!!
    Fuck racists POS like Taylor Swift! At the moment y’all are a crap load of trash! I hope Taylor Swift gets Rape by the Black men she hates so much.


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