White People Must Denounce Taylor Swift!

Taylor Swift insults Beyoncé.

Taylor Swift is a racist, a bigot and a fake feminist.

She insulted Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj and voted for Trump. She even said that voting for Trump was the “prouddest moment in her career“.

Taylor Swift is the definition of a racist and white supremacist.

And yet, because she is famous, she gets a pass by the media and her white trash trailer park fans.

It’s the DUTY of white people everywhere to use their white privilege to denounce Taylor Swift.

White people must reject Taylor Swift’s hipster racism.

Ever white person that remains silent in the face of Taylor Swift’s bigotry is an accomplice and a white supremacist.

Boycott Taylor Swift.


10 thoughts on “White People Must Denounce Taylor Swift!

  1. fuck taylor swift she is an incredibly overrated musician and shameful bigot, racist and a terrible person

    taylor swift should commit suicide asap


  2. Very good info.

    White people are a cancer, they pretend to embrace feminism but just want to exploit us people of color.

    White people must die for humanity to live.


    1. You say that like its a bad thing. Fascism is what democracy always devolves into once its destroyed everything. Think of it like a rush to the exits


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