Taylor Swift is the Face of Racism in America!

Taylor Swift is Racist.

Taylor Swift wants to normalize “hipster racism“.

She wants to make it “cool” to be a racist, a bigot, a homophobe and a nazi.

There is nothing cool about hate.

Taylor Swift uses her white feminism, in other words her white privilege, to oppress and silence women of colors and minorities.

Taylor Swift thinks feminism is only for trailer park trash white women… WRONG!

Taylor Swift needs to SHUT UP and GET EDUCATED about real feminism before she opens her white trash mouth.

Her white privileged fans need to denounce Taylor Swift and atone for the crimes of their ancestors.

Boycott Taylor Swift.

Ban racism, hate and bigotry.


6 thoughts on “Taylor Swift is the Face of Racism in America!

  1. ahahahaha “crimes of our ancestors”.

    Oh like building civilization, law, order, inventing just about.. everything, all the greatest works of art, music & literature.

    If you hate whitey so much throw your computer, phone away and heaven forbid don’t use any kind of motorvehicle for travel.


    p.s taylor swift is the best


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