Taylor Swift is a Hipster Racist!

Taylor Swift, hipster racist.

Yes, Taylor Swift is a hipster racist.

Hipster racists are white privileged liberals who try to hide their racism by appropriating other people’s cultures.

They claim their are “anti-racists”… but always use their white privilege to attack and silence people, especially women, of color.

Just like Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift is racist. That's why I hate her.
Taylor Swift is racist. That’s why I hate her.

She uses her mock feminism as a way to assert her white privilege over minorities.

Taylor Swift, please shut up and admit your hipster racism.

It’s better if you admit it and come clean.

But we will still hate you, because you’re racist white privileged trash.


3 thoughts on “Taylor Swift is a Hipster Racist!

  1. Come on, a racist? Nonsense. . . . . . Leave this lovely girl alone. My daughters love Taylor Swift and I have to admit it’s the one CD that they have, that I love to play in the car. Taylor Swift is a very talented, and very sensible young lady, with a wonderful, positive message to young girls. Listen to the words of her song “Fifteen”. Those are words I want my girls to remember someday when they are fourteen and fifteen and are trying to figure their lives out! Leave her alone!!!!!!


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