Reasons why I hate Taylor Swift!

Taylor Swift is racist. That's why I hate her.

Here is a list of the reasons I can’t stand Taylor Swift. I know I’ve left quite a few out, but I got really tired and angry, so feel free to add some in.

  • She is a racist.
  • She voted Donald Trump.
  • She insulted Beyoncé.
  • She takes feminism back about 20 years by constantly imposing her white privilege on women of color.
  • She makes out that she adores her fans, so how come the press found a big stack of unopened fanmail in the bins near her apartment?
  • She gets paid to complain.
  • She’s petty as fuck (read on).
  • Stalkery of a few people (read on).
  • She shames women who drink alcohol.
  • When she was criticized by Nicki Minaj, her racist white fans lost their shit and started posting really offensive things about Nicki Minaj and sending her death threats. Her response? “Thanks for having my back.”
  • She lowers the glass roof on women’s aspirations, as 90% of her songs are about boys and wanting boys and being sad because she doesn’t have boys and her life being complete because she has boys etc etc etc (Have a look) Of course you can write about whatever you want, but surely think about something – anything- other than boys??
Taylor Swift isn't racist LOL.
Taylor Swift claims she isn’t racist LOL.
  • She makes out that the girl who wears short skirts is awful because of it and Taylor is special because she doesn’t… however, she always wears short skirts. This seems to be along the lines of not wanting to seem sexualised, because Taylor’s overall message is that sex is bad. Yet she stuff her bra to make her boobs look bigger, wears the very items of clothing she demonises in her songs, etc.
  • Her audience are so young. With a job like hers, it’s her responsibility to be a role model by promoting social issues such as LGBT rights, tolerance and diversity. Of course she does the exact opposite by silencing women of color and minorities.
  • She is a bigot and a homophobe. She supports racist Donald Trump then later released a song with the lyrics “so go and tell your friends that I’m obsessive and crazy. That’s fine, I’ll tell mine you’re gay“.
  • She is the quintessential racist white privilege trash. I read in an interview recently that when asked why people dressed as animals were dancing around with her in her pjs in her music video, she said “I wanted the video to look diverse”. This is not okay.

Fuck you Taylor Swift.


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