I Hate Taylor Swift!

Racist Taylor Swift.

I hate Taylor Swift.

She is a racist and a bigot.

Even her ex-fans are starting to understand.

Beyoncé is gross. She looks like a cross between a human and a gorilla.

Anything related to race, sexuality, gender identity, white privilege, poverty?? It’s not white feminism, Taylor Swift is mute.

Taylor Swift voted for TRUMP – that is enough for me to write her off as the RACIST and BIGOT she is.

Taylor Swift is only a feminist when the issue concerns her white privilege, where is she when Women of Color are oppressed by Racism and White Supremacy?

Racism exists. White feminism is just another word for white privilege and white supremacy. Taylor Swift is no different than Donald Trump – FOR WHOM SHE VOTED TWICE!!!

Dear racist bitch Taylor Swift. Feminism doesn’t revolved around white privileged women. Please get educated about real feminism or don’t talk about it.

Taylor Swift, a woman who has built a career by slut shaming women, silencing people of color and publicly humiliating girls into accepting her white privileged opinions. This is the face of racism in America.

It really sucks that Taylor Swift thinks feminism is only for white women. And by sucks I mean it’s violently racist.

When women of color talk about the RACISM and SEXISM they face, Taylor Swift tells them to shut up and listen. No, she needs to SHUT UP and GET EDUCATED.

Boycott Taylor Swift.


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